Air Core Drilling

 Air core drilling and methods utilize steel or tungsten blades to give a hole. The drill bit has three blades organized around the piece head that cut on the floor that is unconsolidated. The sticks are hollow and include the interior tube which sits within the hollow pole barrel. The drill cuttings are eliminated by shot of air to the hole through the annular space between the inner tube and the drill pole. The cuttings are then discounted to accelerate the tube in the place where they pass through the entire sample and therefore are accumulated if necessary. Drilling has the accession of sticks to the peak of the drill series.

This system of drilling can be used to drill the regolith, since the drill rig along with also metal or tungsten blades can't penetrate rock. Air core drilling may reach fires. Since the cuttings are eliminated within the sticks and are likely to contamination in contrast to drilling at which the cuttings pass into the surface through reunite between the exterior of the drill rod as well as the walls of this pit. This procedure is slower than RAB and more expensive.