Emergency Drinking Water Supply

Groundwater Engineering's group represents considerable authority in the Meckow Aquapur versatile water treatment framework.

Aquapur is a novel water decontamination framework which can change tainted water from any non-saline source into sheltered, clean drinking water. It requires no power for the filtration procedure and produces 1000 liters of safe clean water every hour. Killing ailments and adequate to supply up to 2000 individuals for every day, with safe clean drinking water, the Aquapur unit are thusly perfect for networks in the creating scene, or for applications including:

  • Remote/Provincial People group
  • Hazardous Situations
  • Outcast Camps
  • Building Locales
  • Military Organizations
  • Crisis Drinking Water Supply

Different Aquapur units can work in parallel if the interest for clean water supply is higher. The yield of the quantities of Aquapur can be coordinated to a solitary repository.

The key focal points of the Aquapur unit are that it:

Works WITHOUT the requirement for electrical power.

Requires NO authority ability for the establishment or routine support.

Can be effortlessly transported, introduced and kept up with ease, requiring negligible preparing to work.

Requires just exceptionally periodic, basic substitution of consumable things – which are in every case promptly accessible – around the world.

Withstands the limits of the components and progressive movement, by being emphatically produced using materials which guarantee a tasteful working life for the arrangement of over 25 years.

Upkeep includes essentially expelling the essential channels, previously washing and supplanting them. The synthetic concoctions utilized for refining the water are promptly accessible around the world.

Groundwater Engineering's group has many years of involvement in a wide range of groundwater supply and siphoning, and we give a total support of address customer issues, regardless of whether it is a buy of Aquapur units or an entire plan and establishment administration to send water treatment units in the field, to meet crisis and fiasco alleviation circumstances.