Groundwater Monitoring

Groundwater monitoring methods may be an important part of building jobs at which dewatering, groundwater remediation or water distribution systems are included.

Include: Groundwater level in pumped wells, observation wells and piezometers Pumped stream speeds from pumps and wells water levels in oceans and carrying tanks Outside weather conditions (temperature, rain) System usable parameters (pump rate, voltageand current, visual state of plant through webcams) Water quality parameters Digital information collection techniques permit the information to be shared quickly via cellular communication systems and the world wide web.

Real-time tracking of systems may allow alarm signs to be triggered into warn operators of electricity supply disruption pump failure or issues. Tracking can be connected to automatic back up systems. Data access could be provided.

The staff of groundwater Engineering has extensive capacity in the preparation, installation and interpretation of tracking systems. We can create tracking systems that are bespoke to satisfy your requirements. Observation of systems' performance may enable trends in program functionality to be recognized, and also to permit rehab and care to be proposed.