Simplex Drilling & Construction Limited was registered in Zambia in 2011.The company is based in Lusaka’s Fairview area (Great East Road) and focuses on , earth moving , consultancy (geological , hydro geological and geophysical works), Construction, borehole drilling, RC and Core exploration drilling, Stone crusher production works and supply and installation of submersible pumps, booster pumps, turf irrigation system design and installation, Indian make hand pumps, design and construction of steel structures. The company has completed major works in Zambia, India, and DRC.

Company Stakeholders

The company key focal areas are the following organizations

  • Donor agencies (both Bilateral and Multilaterals) that are operating programs in water and sanitation at both urban and rural setting and exploration services.
  • Government departments dealing with water issues either in conjunction with donor or using government funds.
  • International NGOs and Government dealing with water issues and Mineral exploration.
  • Working with local community organizations (CBOs) assisting them to secure major funding for rural water supply projects that ultimately result in business for the company
  • Working with Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) that are carrying out community projects in water and sanitation.
  • Working with Local Authorities on rural water supply planning (e.g. water source (s) identification, conveyance as well as storage methods
  • SMEs dealing with small irrigation systems


Directly reporting to the Board of Directors, Mr. Kondal Reddy, Our Managing Director successfully spearheaded Manzi Drilling & Construction for over 9 years which successfully completed many projects in the construction, drilling, exploration areas. Prior to his stint at Manzi Drilling, Mr. Reddy has represented various companies as their project manager for over 18 year, 15 years of which was in Africa.

The company has well qualified Staff to meet the expectation of the clients namely in rural and urban water supply, irrigation, mine monitoring and dewatering and RC and Diamond Core exploration drilling. The team includes Geologists, hydrogeologists, Geophysicists and management professionals, experienced drillers and crew members.

The ownership of the company is as follows:

Kondal Gudipati Reddy - Indian

Company Ownership, Management & Operation

The Management includes investor and Zambian Directors as well as Zambian operational staff.

There are civil engineering, Geologists and Hydrologists as well as community experts to facilitate the wide range of products that the company will provide.

For More information Please Contact the undersign

Mr. Kondal Reddy - 0977 556 789

Mr. V.V Kumar - 0976 556789

Statutory Registration

  • Registered as a Limited Company, limited by shares (No. 93667).
  • Registered with NAPSA (Account No. 1656282)
  • Registered with ZRA with Valid VAT certificate.
  • Registered with the Workers’ compensation fund control board
  • Municipal Annual Business Permit
  • Fire Certificate
  • National Council for Construction
  • Engineering Institute Zambia (EIZ)

Professional Membership Of The Company (Affiliations)

Simplex Drilling is classified as Foreign Owned Company.

We will be very courageous if our own institutions in our country look after local companies.

  • Member of the National Council for Construction Grade (2) Main Category ( C )
  • Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA)
  • Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ), The Engineering Registration Board