Pumping Tests

Pumping tests may be an significant part the investigations to dewatering and other building jobs. Supported by other varieties of groundwater observation and groundwater analyses they could offer advice that is invaluable for design and the preparation of building projects. A test entails tracking the flow rate from the well along with the drawdown within a range of observation wells at varying distances in the exam and pumping well.

Pumping tests and groundwater analyses may be performed for different functions:

To Attain permeability values for groundwater management and geotechnical design functions

To research water quality to potentially polluted sites and as part of groundwater remediation approaches

To Evaluate the performance of fresh water source wells

To Evaluate the need for, and outcomes of water well rehab

To Research the potential for open loop irrigation systems

Analysis of information from a properly may be among the procedures of specifying the permeability of most both all soils that are water-bearing. This is due to the fact that the quantity of soil by which a test induces stream of water will be greater than at the instances of evaluations in monitoring wells and boreholes. Groundwater Engineering's staff has years of expertise in all sorts of pumping groundwater investigations and tests. We can create testing programs to satisfy your wants and conduct a installation, design and testing services.