Construction Unit

  • Our company has got a team of civil engineers with a vast experience in construction of Dams, laying of pipeline network, construction of building’s and has got a professional way of handling the tasks with the latest technology and methodology.
  • Simplex Drilling & Construction Limited is striving to emerge as Zambia’s No. 1 Construction Company and Contractor of construction and significant growth of company in the field of construction is proven to be one of the major customer supports. This success is achieved by the quality services provided by us to our esteemed customers.
  • The construction unit support drilling activities include supply and filling of various pumps, reservoirs, plumbing and small irrigation systems as well as general construction.

Consultancy & Business Development Unit

The company‘s consultancy and business development unit focuses on donor and community facilitation at all levels of water developments. These include;

  • Water source identification.
  • Care and maintenance etc.
  • RC & CORE Exploration Drilling.
  • Crusher Maintenance and Production.
  • Monitoring and Dewatering in both large and small scale mining.
  • Geophysical Survey (Resistivity, Radiometric and Magnetic data analysis).
  • Geological and hydrogeological data interpretation.

Drilling Unit

The company is operating with a Pneumatic Rig to the latest High Pressure, Super-fast, Hydraulic Rig with diameters including 4”, 4.5”, 6”, 6.5”, 8”, 10”, 12”& 16”. There are other accessory equipment (e.g. light trucks, welding machines etc.) to support the drilling.

The company has got a Hydraulic Top Drive Diamond Core Drill Rig “DICD 75” including 213 HP Cummins engine, Variable Displacement pumps and motors, under carriage(Crawler) direct feed mechanism, Two speed rotary head, rod clamp, water pump but excluding Hydraulic oil.

Simplex Drilling & Construction Limited is the first time in Zambia to introduce the latest concept in tube well drilling technology by acquiring Dual DTH &Rotary Rig. A Rig that completes one gravel filter packed tube well 1500 deep 4” to 12" in comparison to 3-4 months for 1000 feet deep by percussion RIG.

The drilling unit is working in conjunction with the consultancy unit in many cases (especially in community projects, Mine sector and large to medium scale farming areas). Training is being provided before the drilling and after the borehole has been finished and pump installed.

Safety Unit

The unit is responsible in ensuring that all the company operations and activities are done in a hazard free manner. The crew members are provided with safety attire in all the operations the company undertakes. The unit also ensures that our company adheres to health and safety laws/rules and regulation of the company and the country.


The staffing is wide from drilling staff to experts in Geology, hydrogeology and civil engineers to reflect the range of services that we offer. The drilling staff includes well seasoned drillers from both India and Zambia who have vast experience in all types of drilling situations found in Zambia and the explorations ,geophysical, etc staff also includes well season and experienced Geologists who have most explorations and mapping in Tanzania and Zambia. This includes, among others, drilling in loose material like sand and gravel; drilling in limestone and other types of sedimentary rocks as well as metamorphic rock